I started L ‘n R Designs back in 2011 when my crafting hobby became very much in demand.  It was hard for me to even think about selling items at the time because I was the one who gave them as gifts, still do to this day, as I always and still do, believe that these are gifts from the heart.

People ask me why I call it L ‘n R.  I named it after two very important women in my life who taught me I could do anything I set my mind to.  The “L” comes from my grandmother who was named Leona and the “R” is after my other grandmother who was named Ruth.   Each one of them not only taught me various crafts but also lessons in life.

I have been crafting as a child and it’s always been something I have loved to do.  Whether I am picking up a pair of knitting needles or baking for my family in the kitchen, it’s something I love and it relaxes me.

Today it is not only a hobby but a family business as I am now teaching my children these various skills that I was taught, but also lessons in life.  I have been a WAH Mom for more years then I can remember and it’s a choice I would make over and over again.  The items that are made are not massed produced but are made one at a time.  There are times when there are more or less but I do make a wide variety of items.  Whether it’s something that is popular or something that is a one of a kind, they are all hand made with love in every step.

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