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Grandma’s Sewing Machine

I’ve had this machine for many years.  Basically sitting in storage over at my parent’s [...]

New Machine

Well I finally got my new machine after the tax return came in.  Even got [...]

Hat Sizes

Hat sizes can be tricky.  Especially when you are making one that you are doing [...]

Blanket, Throw, & Quilt Size Chart

If your like me when you make blanket, throw, or quilt you may go by [...]

How To Tie A Scarf

I came across this some time ago but with everyday life I seemed to have [...]

Flip Flop Tip

We all know that flip-flops can be one of the most haves of summer.  Or [...]

RE: 10 Most Important Health Benefits of Yarncrafting

So the other day I was cruising around Facebook (as most of us normally do [...]

Quick Update

Wow!  I haven’t realized I haven’t updated the blog in some time.  Shame on me! [...]

Still Here

Still here and kicking.  Been really busy on the home life.  However, I am getting [...]

So much…

Well after I got the soaps made last night my mind has been racing on [...]

Still here…

I haven’t been doing much with the blog as probably as I should. I’ve been [...]

Beginning The Blog

Well I have decided to add a blog to L ‘n R.  Just hoping I [...]