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This area is about current projects with updates on them. Enjoy!

Puppy Quilt – Part 4

After measuring the top and figuring out what I needed for the back I got [...]

Puppy Quilt – Part 3

Before I had taken the quilt off the bed last time I had measured it [...]

Puppy Quilt – Part 2

Well I went back to the machine and figured out which patterns and what material [...]

Puppy Quilt – Part 1

I wanted to make a puppy quilt and the idea kept nagging at me.  Through [...]

Maddy’s Quilt – The Middle – Part 4

Well after a lot of work I got the squares sewn together.  Not the greatest [...]

Maddy’s Quilt – The Middle – Part 3

Well I got the borders on the squares done.  I did them a bit different [...]

Maddy’s Quilt – The Middle – Part 2

Well I have gotten another row.  Again I’m still learning various things but that is [...]

Maddy’s Quilt – The Middle

Well Maddy’s quilt is coming along.  So far through this process I have learned a [...]

Maddy’s Quilt – The Beginning

Since I got my machine I decided to make a small lap quilt.  Nothing fancy [...]

Hello Kitty Day 70-73

Well it’s finally complete.  I have taken my time with this one, more than I [...]

Hello Kitty Day 69

The border has finally been added and it is complete this far.  I have been [...]

Captain America Shield Afghan Day 5-6

Well I have been going to town on this.  To be honest it’s been sort [...]

Hello Kitty Day 66-68

Well this much is now completed with the Hello Kitty Afghan that I have been [...]

Crochet A Basket

I was doing a bit of research when I came across this link on “How [...]

Captain America Shield Afghan Day 1-4

Here’s a project that I am working per customer request.  50 rows down and 125 [...]