Maddy’s Quilt – The Beginning

Since I got my machine I decided to make a small lap quilt.  Nothing fancy but just something that I can learn from.  After I got the material and decided on my front panel I began to start the embroidery.  From there the inspiration hit me. Make her a quilt and possibly carry on my Grandma’s tradition.  Thus, it started to become Maddy’s quilt.  Each block on the quilt does or will represent something in her life up to date.  Maybe later on she will receive another but not sure at this time, as I will also need to make one for my three boys.

Below are pictures of the blocks that will be on her quilt that are done as of this point.  I’m starting to get a bit excited and also nervous as this is a new adventure for me but with confidence and, I believe, Grandma’s guidance, I can accomplish this.


Happy sewin’!

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