Crochet A Basket

I was doing a bit of research when I came across this link on “How To Crochet A Basket”.  However after reading the article and watching the video it was made out of clothes line!  I thought that was really neat.  So I debated over the months and finally went to the dollar store and purchased a couple things of line.  After returning home I seen that I did not have the proper hook but a size smaller.  So why not.  I opened the package and began to work with it.

It seemed that the line I got was not the real heavy plastic type but the cotton type.  The hook I had was an N.  Worked perfect.  I began to work it some more and then realized that the instructions don’t really say how far to go and mine was turning out smaller.  So I just used it until I ran out of the first package.


I just have to finish it up and thinking of dying the material since it’s the cotton line and not the plastic.  But this idea has such great potential!

The video on how to make this is below.


Happy Hookin’!

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