Grandma’s Sewing Machine

I’ve had this machine for many years.  Basically sitting in storage over at my parent’s house until about 3 or 4 years ago when I brought it home.  At that time I was not wanting to try it as I thought with the wiring and that it may not work and to be truthful, I really didn’t want my heartbroken if it didn’t work.  So it sat in its cabinet and I used the stand for my current machine.

Well, one day, and to be honest I really don’t know why, but I opened it up and plugged it in.  To my shock, it worked!  I was a bit worried due to the old wiring but to be honest, nothing happened.  I then did some research on the machine.  Such as to what type, how to oil it, etc.

I learned it was a 1948 Singer.  But which one I didn’t know.  So more research.  I came to the conclusion it was a 15-90 as that was the last year they made the motors with the belts.  I decided to go into the basement (as that is where the stool is for the stand which has storage) and see what was all in there.  Grandma had bobbins, thread, found some attachments, and to my surprise, I found the owners manual!  Here to come and find out it was a 15K88 (an even older model).  However, the machine does not really have a treadle but it has the knee lever.  I even got a chuckle because I found the buttonhole attachment and it’s as big as my husband’s hair clippers compared to the little one my machine has.

So needless to say I was a very happy camper.  It turned out to be a bit older then I expected and it still is a workhorse as it was meant to be.  When I was working on the cheer quilt I did use it and it sewed beautifully.  I just wonder sometimes as to what all she may have made on it.  Did she make clothes on it for my father?  Baby gifts for family and friends?  Her Sunday church dresses?  I will never know but I do know that it will be a treasuer I will pass down to my children which they can pass down for years to come.

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