Halloween Wreath

I started this wreath almost two years ago.  Not sure what exactly happened but with holidays fast approaching and then life happening, along with other projects that needed done it got set aside.  Which now that I think about it, might have actually been a good thing.  So over the past couple years I would gather little things that I think may or may not work.  Now mind you, all that I had picked up didn’t all make the cut.  But one thing I did want to do was add lights, but I wanted battery operated so that I wouldn’t have to use a cord.  What a surprise it was when I found battery operated orange lights!  It even has a timer that it’s on for 6 hours and off for 18!  Joy oh joy!

So I guess in the long run, the wait was worth it.  Even though I had realized after I did the frame work it was a bit to big.  But now I’m happy with it, size and all.


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