So I was cruising through Facebook one night and I came across this recipe for Spaghizza.  I thought it might be neat to try since it’s two of the kids favorite foods.  Plus the recipe didn’t seem hard at all.


So as I was preparing my grocery list for what I needed for the week I added the items I needed to make this.

Last night we decided to make this.  However, I did  not realize I needed more eggs.  I only had two.  So I used them instead of the four it calls for.

After it was made, baked, and cooled we dug in.  It was a hit!  It’s almost like eating spaghetti but without all the mess.  Later in the evening I thought that this recipe has room for so much more that can be done.  The wheels have been turning and I think next time I may try it with some meat inside and see how it comes out.




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