Tator Tot Grilled Cheese

One thing about having my oldest back at home now is that he likes to eat.  Let me tell you this boy can pack it away.  This past Sunday morning he was hungry and I told him that if he went to the store and got me a few things I would make him something to eat.  And he did.  He got everything on the list.

I then went and made this for him and let me tell you, about half way through it he was full.  The other kids I gave them a half one each.  I made mine but I made it smaller and still couldn’t finish it.  Needless to say this was a hit with the family.

This is one of the comfort food recipes.  It has wiggle room that you can get creative with it.

The recipe doesn’t really say how long to cook or if frozen or thawed Tator Tots should be used so I used frozen and made adjustments accordingly.

I didn’t get any pictures so I do apologize for that.

The video instructions can be found here.

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