New Stand?

Sometimes taking old things you can turn them new again.  Such is the case with this bakers rack/stand I’ve had for about 20 years.  It’s been used in a kitchen, living room, and even outside on a porch to hold plants.

When I decided to re-do my front porch I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to keep it there or let me daughter use it in her room for her books and such.  So I asked her one day and she said she would like to use it.  I told her it would need painted and asked if she had a color in mind.  After a minute or so of saying she wanted pink, blue, purple, etc she told me that she wanted a cotton candy blue.

So when I was at the store the next time I looked for a spray paint for metal so it could be protected better.  I picked up a pink but then remembered she wanted blue.  Oh boy, which blue was it she wanted?  The mommy brain had kicked it.  I then picked up wildflower blue which I thought was a nice blue.  After I got home and she seen it she was tickled because I remembered the cotton candy blue.  Ok, that’s a win for me!

The next morning after they left for school I painted.  Below is the before and after pictures.  Not sure if it needs a second coat or not but if she loves it, then that’s all that matters.

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